Bridal Jewelry


For a lifetime of happiness from engagement rings to wedding bands to special gifts for your bridesmaids…


How it works



Book a free consultation call where we’ll discuss everything from your one-of-a-kind needs to your timeline and your budget.

Pieces can feature precious stones including diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds, which I source for you at close to wholesale prices.



I’ll put together a detailed quoted with an initial approximation of hours needed to complete the project.

My hourly rate is $85, with most projects ranging from a total of two to six hours.



Once you’re 100% happy with our journey and the paperwork is signed, we’ll work together to bring your piece to life!

I will source a curated selection of stones that meet your criteria and provide you with my objective recommendation on which stone(s) to select. Once you choose the stone(s) and approve the design, your piece will be one step closer to reality!


I Do!

Receive your beautiful bridal jewelry and enjoy, whether you’re going to pop the question or say ‘I do’!

Please stay in touch for any follow-up questions, care and maintenance (insurance, cleaning, etc.)


Still have questions? Send me an email at