Bespoke Jewelry


When an off-the-shelf piece won’t do, explore the world of custom designed jewelry.


How it works



Book a free consultation call where we’ll discuss everything from your one-of-a-kind needs to your budget and timeline.

Pieces can feature precious stones including diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds, which I source for you at close to wholesale prices.



I’ll put together a detailed quoted with an initial approximation of hours needed to complete the project.

My hourly rate is $85, with most projects ranging from a total of two to six hours.



Once you’re 100% happy with our journey and the paperwork is signed, we’ll work together to bring your piece to life!

I will communicate with you throughout the project, ensuring you have visibility to the creation of your piece. I want to make the process as fun and educational as possible!



Receive your beautiful bespoke jewelry and enjoy wearing it! If it's a gift, give it to the lucky receiver and watch her beam with joy!

Welcome to a fun and personalized jewelry buying experience!


Still have questions? Send me an email at